This project is self-initiated, designed, developed and distributed by Fabian, with the motivation to create a product and experience that lasts. It also was driven by curiosity of what’s possible with contemporary funding and communication methods.

Client – Self initiated & crowdfunded
Date – 2016
Role – Founder, Industrial Designer, Jack of all trades


A bivouac, your reliable companion on your motorcycle journeys, which provides the necessary shelter and let you enjoy the outdoors the purest way possible. The bivouac uses the motorcycle as a part of the supporting structure to reduce the package size to a minimum. Materials are selected with care, crafted to last and designed to provide a minimalistic shelter. There is enough room for one person and luggage.

The bivouac is made from a 500 denier Cordura®, a well-proven outdoor fabric. Robustness and durability are integral to this product’s construction, far beyond the rip-stop nylon of a regular tent. Every piece is crafted by hand and under fair working conditions in Switzerland.

You can buy one here and visit the successful funding campaign here.


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