Finding a design expression for increased visibility, to underline and communicate the company’s innovation.

Client— Castelberg Design GmbH
Role Freelancing Industrial Designer
May 2016

Castelberg Design GmbH is a swiss company, specialized in welding filters. They developed the first true color welding filter. A unique technology, that lets the user see the work piece in real color. Providing a clear advantage in work efficiency compared to the monochromic lenses from the competitors. Fabians task was to design a welding mask to underline this advantage.

The square shape of the welding lenses, always has been a huge restriction in the welding mask design. Fabian saw this as a chance to create a new appearance. By using a carrier foil on top of the lenses, he was able to create visually a larger viewing area. This not only underlines the better visibility of the mask, but also allowed us to implement a tear-off solution, to quickly clean the filter.


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